Friday, December 02, 2005


I must admit I am very glad that all seems to be going well on the Indonesian leg of the One Year On journey. Putting together these schedules in an office thousands of miles away has not been without its challenges (including some sleepless nights) but knowing that is going to plan is great.

Still working on one or two details for the Aceh leg of the trip - all the NGOs we are visiting seem to have fatastic resources on the ground and I am really impressed with all offers of assistance and also the range of activities the team will be able to visit.

Sri Lanka is sneaking up on us...Susie and I leave on Wednesday - again all the project we will be visiting are sorted but have not yet heard from our contact who is arranging the accomodation and transport for the team. I'm hoping for the best!!

Apparently flying in an out of Nias is very much weather dependent (something I did not tell Mike before his departure!), so fingers crossed the team wake-up to a fine day.

Nias is a small island 125 kms of the coast of Sumatra. Although it is very close to where the epicentre of the December earthquake was, the island was not significantly affected by the tsunami but many buildings etc were destroyed by the quake itself. Nias was then struck by another serious earthquake in at the end of March - this was a very serious event with many killed and injured and many more buildings destroyed.

Nias and other close-by islands are famous throughout the world for their amazing surfing - which is where SurfAID comes in.

The SurfAID story is a great one and I am sure the team will get a great insight into their work while on this visit, which should involve a couple of nights on a boat travelling to some of the more outlying areas.


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