Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In the air

Sri Lanka, here we come...almost. Currently in transit in Singapore after flying in from Auckland. Hoping to catch-up with the rest of the team soon - fingers crossed they are in from Jakarta and on the same flight to Colombo, as planned.

Susie has just reminded me that it is 2 am NZ time - which would explain why my fingers are not hitting the right keys and I having trouble coming up with simple sentences! Not to worry, it will be just after midnight when we get arrive in Colombo, plenty of time for some sleep.

Great to be underway and looking forward to seeing what NZ's efforts mean to those hit the hardest by the tsunami. Tomorrow we will be seeing housing projects funded by the Gisborne Lions Club and the United Sri Lanka Association - so expect an interesting 'in the field' installment tomorrow.


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